PUBG Strategy Guides

When to Trade Armor and Helmets

Rules Apply to Uzi, UMP, Any AR and Any Sniper Rifle.
May differ for crossbow and handguns
Rules based off of best option for surviving your next fight

General Rules of Thumb

In most cases a 1 level increase in armor/helmet gives protection against 1 more shot (excluding AR/Sniper headshots).
Damage to arms and legs recieve 50% less damage than base damage assesment.
Armor takes up to 7 seconds for damage to update.
Armor will protect against full damage from a shot even with 1 durability left.

Helmet Rules

ALWAYS take the higher level helmet regardless of its durability

Helmet Durability Downgrade At

Level 1

80 Never

Level 2

150 91

Level 3

230 Never
* UMP and stronger will destroy a level 1 helmet in 1 shot.
* Level 2 helmets can take 2 shots from all but sniper rifles.

Vest Rules

Downgrade vests to 1 level at HALF durability or less
Downgrade 3 vest to level 1 vest below 75 durability

Vest Durability Downgrade At ≤

Level 1

200 Never

Level 2

220 89

Level 3

250 113 to L2
68 to L1
Armor data and rules from nonreg's video here.

Watch his video for even more in-depth analysis